My All Important Blog

Some life altering events need to be shared with the world:

Tues. March 5th: I ate a potato.

Monday June 4th: I thought about eating a potato, but thought it best not to because I had already had plenty of starch that day.

Saturday July 8th: While cleaning out my gutters, I noticed that a sweet potato weevil had been watching my every move.

Monday October 20th: I walked an unbeaten path and found myself in the midst of a family of wild turkeys.

Wednesday June 26th: While walking a desolate beach, I came across a dead pig, half sunk in the sand with it's snout stuck in contaminated water.

Thursday June 27th: I camped in the woods near the dead pig. The night was filled with ungodly screaming and sqealing sounds.

Friday June 28th: The dead pig was gone.

Tuesday July 29th: A small frog hangs out at my pond these days.

Tuesday August 12th: There are now two frogs.

Friday August 28th: I feed the frogs worms. They're female Green frogs.

Wednesday September 22th: Some spooked grave yard idiot ran through my yard last night, breaking the grape vines by the pond. The frogs were ok.

Monday November 21th: I thought about buying pants today.

November 29th: I grew old today and forgot about the pants.

Monday January 5th: A Calico/Tabby cat lives with me now.

Sunday April 25th: A red fox came into my back yard and ate out of my compost.

Tuesday May 12th: It looks like a hawk took off with an old friendly frog from the pond. A sad, sad day. That frog used to swim to me and have me pat it's head while it talked to me. It was just like losing an old pal. pic

Wednesday May 2: I got poison oak all over me. I look a sight and I've been hiding in the shadows, living like a leper.

Thursday October 19th: I bought the pants.


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